In Latin, grammateus (which is the dative plural case for grammateo) refers to the scribe, the secretary, the wordsmith available to the general public. The Grammateo project — or rather Ars Grammateo — is thus the Art of the Scribe, which is precisely what the translator does: "transcribing without betraying." This is why it is best to call upon a professional when a piece is to be translated, for translating a text involves not only the transformation of words from one language into another: it is all about rendering the meaning of a source text while taking different rules and constraints into account. And this without the reader guessing that the text he’s reading is a translation, especially when it belongs to the literary.

Precision, imagination and style, these are the qualities that we want to highlight at Grammateo. To entrust the translation of a text to us is to be assured of a flawless result and is to be certain a given document will meet best your literary and professional standards, all of this for the fairest price.

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